What does LED Light Therapy Feel Like?

This is a common question if you've never experienced an LED Light therapy treatment. Maybe you're looking to book in for a treatment at your local salon or you've seen all the celebrities using and wondering what those lights on the face do and feel like. 

1. A feeling of nothing 

A good LED light therapy product will feel like nothing on the skin, that's because the light is being absorbed by your skin cells and the light energy is activating processes in your cells - something you won't be able to see or feel.

However having said that there are other ways the light can make you feel which adds to the amazing benefits of LED Light Therapy. 

2. A feeling of relaxation

When we use LED lights, they emit low-level light. This type of light penetrates deep into our skin and stimulates our body's thermoregulatory system. As a result, we experience a feeling of relaxation.

3. A feeling of well being

LED lights are known to improve mood. Studies show that people who use them report feeling happier than those who don't.

4. A feeling of calmness

LED lights are also known to reduce stress levels. People who use them report feeling calmer than those who do not.

5. A feeling of clarity

Studies show that LED lights can increase focus and concentration.

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