About Us

Our Story

Neo Elegance is a female owned brand, started over 7 years ago by beauty professionals who were dissatisfied with the outdated, poor-quality, expensive beauty solutions available on the UK market for professionals. As avid followers of developments in the beauty industry, Neo Elegance was formed to update the UK beauty industry with the latest technology at affordable prices to empower professionals in industry.

The firm has expanded considerably from its humble beginnings and has won many awards throughout its history, with products being showcased on popular magazines like GLAMOUR and OK!. Neo Elegance is well known as an early entrant to the LED beauty therapy market in the UK, solidifying our brand as a trustworthy market-leader. 

We now offer a range of powerful technologies in both professional and retail settings, allowing you to experience the latest in beauty technology.

Our Mission

We will always offer the latest beauty technology at affordable prices to empower professionals in the beauty industry and give retail customers the ability to resolve their skin concerns from the comfort of their own home.