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LED Light Therapy Professional Machine Buying Guide

Looking for an LED Light Therapy device for Professionals? Look no further than Neo Elegance! We are one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to LED Light Therapy Professional Machines, having won number awards for our LED light therapy products, we know how to make results-driven professional products.

What to look for when choosing a Professional Machine?

 Firstly, your supplier matters! When it comes to purchasing equipment for your business, you need to know your supplier understands the products they are supplying and there is support available when you need technical, training, or general help. As much as you might feel the internet has all the answers and you can google all the information on a new piece of equipment, you will struggle.

Also, when you purchase equipment directly from outside the UK now, you are solely responsible for: importing paperwork, product registration (remember you can’t just bring a product into the UK and start using it on clients, its different to when you buy for personal use), increased product liability insurance, UKCA certification and keeping technical files on your product for up to 10 years. Therefore, its always cost effective to purchase from a local supplier as you are not taking on any additional legal and technical responsibilities, your supplier is!

Secondly, you need a good quality product that will deliver results obviously! Look for client testimonials, before/afters, and case studies to ensure the product will do what it says. Sometimes a cheaper price can be tempting but guaranteed the quality of the components will be poor and you will not be able to achieve the results as advertised. In the long run you’ll have to upgrade anyway.

Which LED Light Therapy products are suitable for Professional use?

  1. Lumineo Advanced LED

This is our most popular LED light therapy professional machine, with over 500+ professionals using it globally from Doctors to Spa therapists. The device boasts 6 wavelengths with over 1000 LEDs bulbs in a portable and compact design.

This is a great addition to any salon, spa or aesthetics clinic for face and body treatments, to work on everything from anti-ageing to acne.

Learn More: https://neoelegance.co.uk/pages/lumineo-led  

  1. Illumination LED Face Mask

This device is what started the craze of LED Face Masks, firstly with celebrities and then home users. Our illumination Mask has been used by celebrities from Vikki Pattison to Victoria Beckham, boasting 3 treatment modes with the clinically proven wavelengths, the illumination mask is the best kept celebrity secret!

This mobile device is great for any business small or big, mobile or home/salon-based businesses – it fits into all facial treatments.

Learn more: https://neoelegance.co.uk/products/illumination-led-face-mask


This LED light therapy professional machine, is our combination of the above 2 devices in an aim to give you the power of the Lumineo but in the compact face design of the illumination mask. This amazing device boasts over 1000 LEDs in a facial mask – one of the highest in any product in the UK market. The beauty of this device is that its rechargeable, so you don’t need to keep it plugged in, it works with a rechargeable remote.

This is ideally for any salon of clinic, who is mild to moderately busy. As you get busier you won’t have the time to charge the mask in between lots of treatments, therefore something like the Lumineo would be more suitable.

Learn More: https://neoelegance.co.uk/collections/led-face-mask/products/fireled-led-face-mask

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We know it can be dauting looking for a new LED light therapy professional machine, especially with so many options. Speak with one of our friendly product advisors on phone, email or text and have a chat about what would suit you and your business needs.

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