How to Improve the Absorption of your Skincare Products

Anyone who cares about the health and appearance of their skin will probably end up spending money on products designed to help it. But how can we be sure any of these products are truly working?

We’ve all bought a skin care item that has been marketed as effective, only to find that when we come to use it, it leaves a lot to be desired. Could this be down to how our skin absorbs the product rather than the product itself? If so, there’s a lot we can do to aid this.

Purple light

The biggest salon beauty secret is out of the bag, as LED light therapies have taken off in a big way over the past few years. Red and blue LED lights are the most common practices, as they are used in anti-ageing and acne busting treatments respectively. The merits of purple light, however, are not as widely known to those outside of the beauty therapy industry.

Therapists use purple light therapy after facials. The reason for this purple light helps the skin’s ability to absorb skin products, making them more effective. Our LumiPro Super LED Device is designed to give several light treatments, and purple is just one of them. This means your skincare products get absorbed far more effectively into the skin, helping you get more out of them.


A good exfoliation can do wonders for the skin. Choose a product that is non perfumed and relatively mild, especially for the skin around your eyes. This is vital for those with sensitive skin. Exfoliating properly will strip away the top layer of pollutants or anything else that the skin may have picked up. This leaves a blank canvas on which to apply skincare products, making absorption easier.

Better yet use a microdermabrasion device to enhance your exfoliation

Apply heat

Why do facialists lay a hot towel over your face before treatment? Why is it always better to clean your face with warm water? The skin reacts to warmth in an interesting and unique way. It causes blood to flow to the area, which in turn makes the pores open up as part of the skin’s cooling process. When the skin is warm, it is far more effective at absorbing products. Be sure to clean your face thoroughly before you apply skincare products and steam your face or lay a hot flannel on it to keep it warm.


Ok, hear us out. This one might seem like a crazy suggestion, but practising yoga or any other relaxing exercise that gets the blood flowing without working up a sweat - like meditation or massage - can actually help the skin absorb skincare products. Deep breathing, good posture and stretching encourage blood flow around the body. 


It flushes out the system, it hydrates, it creates a radiant look and it’s great for the skin. Water is always worth a mention, and it aids the skin’s ability to absorb products by improving the circulation and the skin’s elasticity. Reduces dry, flaky skin which can prevent products from being absorbed.