Lumipro Technology

The Technology Behind the LumiPro

  • LED Light Therapy: Six modes of LED light for different skin concerns and results. This is a light ray which penetrates the skin to activate a variety of different processes. Learn more about the power of LED in our Skin Science Blog here
  • Muscle Toning: This potent technology works to tone the facial muscles and promote collagen proliferation. Improved muscle tone will help the facial contours become reconstructed overtime and help smooth out fine lines. It can also aid in activating skin cells and promoting proliferation of collagen, which in turn helps plump the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Heat (RF): A gentle heat similar to having radiofrequency treatments in-clinic (although not as powerful) is used to help soften products for absorption but to stimulate fibroblast cells allowing for collagen and natural hyaluronic acid regeneration. 
  • Sonic Vibration: High-frequency vibrations can help to improve lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation and oxygenation, therefore, helping to improve the overall health of the skin.
  • Product Penetration: This works by splitting the cells and creating a space to allow products to be absorbed. The device allows for transcellular product absorption to 1mm. Therefore, helping you get more from your skincare products.