NEO SMART WAVE 3d radiofrequency

What is the neo smart wave?

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Why the neo smart wave?

the neo smart wave in use toning and tightening skin
Neo Elegance neo smart wave radiofrequency device with LED light therapy rotating probes

a powerful results driven device

treatment benefits

set yourself apart from competitors

benefits for your business

neo smart wave toning the abdominal muscles
radiofrequency used in the face, to tone facial muscles

Innovative technology

what is radiofrequency?

What is included?

Full online training is available with certification

Marketing and social media materials to ensure that you can tell everyone about your new treatment

Ongoing treatment and technical support, giving you advice and support when you need it

Combine with our Neo Pro Sheet Masks specially designed for use with LED Light Therapy for enhanced treatment results

neo smart wave view from the back
view of the machine on a stand in a clinic setting
Neo Elegance neo smart wave radiofrequency device rotating probes
neo smart wave in use with LED lights


Max Power: 100W | RF Frequency: Bipolar 1.2MHz | RF Intensity: 10 Levels | LED Light: Red 630nm, Blue 430nm, Green 525nm | LED Frequency: 200mW | Probe Roration Speed: 5 Levels | Certification: UKCA & CE