Glow DR Skin Toner
Glow DR Skin Toner
Glow DR Skin Toner
Glow DR Skin Toner
Glow DR Skin Toner
Glow DR Skin Toner

Glow DR Skin Toner

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The Glow DR incorporates five pre-set treatments for better skin. Incorporating advanced technologies to protect, perfect and prime the skin. 

Technology in Device

Muscle Stimulation | LED Light Therapy | Sonic Vibration

Facial Modes

1. Clean - Works to deep clean the skin by improving oxygenation & boosting circulation. Results: improves skin brightness and reduces breakouts

2. Anti-Ageing - Uses muscle stimulation and red LED to boost fibroblastic activity, which activates building blocks for youthful skin; collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Results: Reducing lines and wrinkles, improving the skins health overall

3. Lift - Muscle stimulation gives the facial muscles a workout with twitches. Results: Lifted & toned skin with reducing fine lines and wrinkles

4. Product Lead In: Electrical Pulses work to push key ingredients from serums and sheet masks deep into the skin unlike manual massage

5. Acne Reduction/Removal: An anti-inflammatory mode that works to effectively reduce acneic skin issues. Results: improving skin clarity, reduce breakouts & redness

Usage Required

4 times a week, following the pre-set facial guide 


Cautions Do NOT use:

If pregnant

If you have Epilepsy

On light sensitizing medication