Lumipro Skin Benefits

Facial Toning: The muscle stimulation works to strengthen muscles to visibly lift, tone and tighten, giving you a firmer appearance. Firmer muscles help hold fat pockets in place, which prevents them from slipping and creating the “droop” commonly associated with facial ageing. 
Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines: The muscle stimulation works to improve muscle tone, which in turn tightens the skin attached to the muscle. The radiofrequency and LED Light therapy (red) work to boost collagen for a plumper appearance, reducing lines and wrinkles.
Hydrating & Glowing: The electrical impulses work with our hydrating and lifting serum or sheet masks, when used with our activating serum the impulses create a process called electroporation. Electroporation allows for the serums to be absorbed deeper into the skin rather than sitting on the surface, increasing hydration ten-folds. Leaving you with hydrated and dewy skin
Lasting Results: The LumiPro will make up part of your regular skincare routine and with regular use the skin benefits will become lasting.