LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd
LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd
LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd
LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd
LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd
LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd
LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd
LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd
LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd
LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd
LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd
LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask - Neo Elegance Ltd

LUMIDERMA LED Face & Neck Mask

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The Lumiderma LED face mask uses high quality nano LED bulbs, that offers a popular and results-driven treatment. It has shown significant improvement in skin concerns, and it is non-invasive with no known side effects.

It combines an amalgamation of three powerful LED wavelengths for a superb skin treatment. LED works to penetrate the skin at different levels to treat breakouts, combat hyperpigmentation and prevent ageing.   

The LUMIDERMA LED Face mask come with a detachable neck piece, which connects magnetically. This allows you to upgrade your treatment to include the neck when you want. It also comes with a smart charging and storage stand. 

Technology: Red LED & Near-Infrared (NIR) (630nm + 830nm) | Blue LED (415nm) | Orange LED (605nm)

Total Number of LEDs: 807 

Facial Treatment Modes

With the Lumiderma we have created facial treatment we believe will benefit your skin, using the power of a combination of light. If you’d like a quick 10 minute LED treatment with your selected light only, select the mode with your selected light first, this will automatically change when the treatment is done and at that point you can switch off the mask.

Lumiderma Facial Mode 1: Red + NIR 10 minutes, Blue 10 mins, and Orange 5 mins (25 minutes treatment)

Anti-Blemish Facial Mode 2: Blue 10 minutes, Orange 5 minutes (15 minutes treatment)

Energising Boost Facial Mode 3: Orange Light (5 minutes treatment) 

Benefits For Your Skin

You can expect to see results within the first 2 weeks of use, from improved skin texture to a reduction in breakouts. For severe skin conditions please contact us to ensure this product is suitable for your expected results. 

  • Smoothen fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firm and Tone skin
  • Even skin tone
  • Improve texture
  • Improve mild to moderate breakouts/spot-prone skin
  • Prevent flare-ups
  • Calms skin redness 
  • Boost Collagen and repair elastin
  • Reduce mild surface pigmentation

Why the Lumiderma Face & Neck Mask?

  • Professional Level807 LEDs 
  • Wireless: The remote-control feature is built into the mask
  • Safe: A non-invasive treatment - it is chemical-free, painless and totally safe
  • Versatile: Comes with 3 wavelengths in 3 treatment modes
  • Award-Winning UK Firm: we are an award-winning British Aesthetic Brand used regularly by high-profile celebrities to improve and maintain their skin. This technology is now available for you to use at home!

Usage Guidance

  1. Cleanse your face and remove all eye make up
  2. Optional Step: Apply desired Neo Mask
  3. Secure the mask on the face with the band around the head comfortably
  4. Press and hold the side of the mask to switch on the device
  5. Select the mode of treatment
  6. Use for 20 minutes 4 times a week for 8-10 weeks and then reduce the usage to twice a week (for severe skin concerns please contact us for gudiance)

The LED Light Therapy Technology Behind It

Red LED Light + Near-Infrared (630nm + 830nm)

Wavelengths of red + NIR light can help improve skin’s barrier function by improving its ability to retain key elements it needs to heal and generate new collagen after its production has slowed due to age or cumulative damage. Red light is beneficial for all skin types and has an anti-ageing effect on the skin.

    Blue LED Light (415nm)

    Blue light has powerful anti-bacterial properties that decongest, prevent breakouts, and help to normalise oil production.

    Orange LED Light (605nm)

    The orange light works to boost blood circulation, oxygenation, and aid in lymphatic drainage, feeding the skin with vital nutrients and improve the quality of your skin. This is a great treatment for dull, dehydrated, and lacklustre skin.

    Learn more about the power of LED in our Skin Science Blog

    How long till I see results?

    For improvement in skin texture and spots/breakouts, you may see improvement within the first 3-4 uses. For reduction in fine lines and plumper skin, you may see improvements in 6-8 weeks of use. The reason anti-ageing improvements take longer is because structures like collagen take longer to rebuild and repair and as we age skin cell turnover takes longer about 30-40 days.

    What's in the box?

    • 1 x Lumiderma Face Mask
    • 1 x Lumiderma Neck attachment
    • 1 x Charging/Display stand 
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x Instructions manual

    Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types

    Fitzpatrick Scale/Skin Tone: Suitable for All

    Do not use the Mask if:

    • You are Pregnant
    • Have skin cancer and are not 5 years clear
    • Are sensitive to light
    • Have Epilepsy
    • Are on medications which sensitise your skin
    • For any serious medical conditions, you must get a GPs approval


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