If like me and most of the western population you spend a lot of time on your mobile phone or laptop, you may want to be aware of the damaging effects on your skin caused by blue light or high-energy-visable (HEV) light emitted from phones, laptops, iPads and computers. HEV light penetrates more deeply into your skin than the sun’s UV rays, which causes premature ageing, hyper pigmentation and damage to the skin.

So how do we reverse the damage to our skin I hear you cry? well there are a few ways, and one of them is to treat your skin to the selfie facial at the Neo Elegance salon. Their London salon is based in South Molton street, which is only a 5 minute walk from Bond street station, so very central and easy to get to.

I headed on down to the Neo Elegance salon to try out the selfie facial and see how beneficial it would be to my skin. When I arrived I received a warm and friendly greeting, I was then taken into the treatment room where I discussed my skin concerns with my beauty therapist. Shortly after, I laid down on the bed to start the treatment. The first steps included a deep cleaning and gentle chemical peel that can help to strengthen and fortify the skin whilst lifting hyper pigmentation from within the skin. it also helps to even out the skin tone, reduce breakouts and congestion.

Once my skin was cleaned and treated, my face was surrounded by a red LED light, which penetrated into the dermal layer of the skin to stimulate fibroblast cells to regenerate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The LED light penetrates into your skin for around 15minutes, in that time my mind drifted off and my body felt relaxed. Once completed I was given a potent sheet mask filled with active ingredients that was pushed into the skin with a small piece of equipment called the Face Lift pro plus. The electrical pulses helped tighten, lift and strengthen the muscles. My treatment then ended with the application of a hydrating serum, eye gel and some sun factor.

So what did it go? I felt like I was well looked after and the beauty therapist, was very helpful in giving me tips on how to better look after my skin. Listening to my concerns and giving me genuine advice, gave a more personal touch to the treatment. I looked in the mirror after the facial and could instantly see that my skin looked brighter and more plumped. I had a glow that I was happy to share with the outside world!

The treatment costs only £65 and is 30 minutes long, which means you can pop into the salon during your lunch break if you’re nearby and be out before you know it!

Written by Nyla S. - Original Article: