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Does LED Light Therapy Work for Wrinkles?


This is a common question we get asked here at Neo Elegance, “Does LED Light Therapy work for Wrinkles?” You must have seen lots of information posted online about the amazing benefits of LED light therapy for anti-ageing benefits and you’re wondering if it works, because how can a light reduce wrinkles, right?!

Let us break it down for you and let you know about the science behind how it works, our information is gathered from industry leading dermatologists, aesthetic practitioners, and scientific journals/research.

Wrinkles develop as part of the ageing process, but certain factors can speed up or delay their prevalence on the skin. For example, UV damage is known to lead to wrinkles, by breaking down the collagen in our skin, collagen works to keep our skin plump and wrinkle free, but naturally starts to reduce from the age of 21 and then factors like UV rays, diet and pollution work to accelerate the breakdown.

Which LED light therapy is best for wrinkles?

Different wavelengths (colours) have different effects on the skin, as they penetrate different layers of the skin to activate different processes in the cells.

Research has shown the most effective led light therapy for wrinkles, is red light therapy. Red light penetrates 8-10mm into the skin, energising cells to increase collagen production, repair and regenerate.

Another wavelength, the Orange or Amber light, has a similar effect on the skin, as the red light. This is because the wavelengths are similar (red light at 630nm and Orange at 590nm), therefore the effects they have on the skin overlap. Orange light penetrates the skin at shallow levels to promote surface healing and reduce swelling, inflammation, and redness.

As well as improvements in wrinkles you may also see the following from red light therapy:

  • Reduction in age spots and skin pigmentation
  • Even skin tone & Brighter
  • Reduced Puffiness
  • Smoother skin texture

What exactly does red light therapy do that helps wrinkles?

When the skin is exposed to red light therapy the following happens:

  • Red light floods the skin cells with ATP (cell energy), which leads to cell proliferation and increased tissue repair and regeneration
  • Red light photodissociates nitric oxide from mitochondria, which helps to increase blood flow and increase vital nutrients like glucose etc, to aid in healthier skin repair

Red light therapy for wrinkles: Before & Afters

does LED light therapy work for wrinkles

The key with treatments with LED light therapy is consistency and regular use. Your skin cells take from 28-40 days to renew, so results with a new skincare routine can be seen with cellular renewal. When using light therapy for wrinkle reduction, you should see it as a collagen boosting treatment – the more treatments you’re having, the more collagen you’re building and over time the collagen will plump your skin, to smoothen existing wrinkles and prevent new ones forming. The new collagen that is produced, over time will turn into type 1 collagen, which is the stronger and older collagen.

When you start seeing results, it’s important to use your device for upkeep and maintenance as you would any other part of your skincare routine.

What is the best LED light therapy device for wrinkles?

When looking for a device you must ensure the device, you’re looking at uses the correct wavelength, doses, and quality of LED. As a multi award-winning LED light therapy brand, all our products are engineered to high specification, and we have a wide range to meet different budgets and skin concerns. Neo Elegance is always improving its’ products to ensure you get the best out of your anti-ageing devices.

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How to get the most out of light therapy for wrinkles

  1. Use the device consistently – initially 3-4 times a week and then maintenance once a week
  2. Do not use with other serums on the skin which can contain light-blocking ingredients that render led light therapy ineffective – use with our sheet masks specially designed to use under LED light
  3. Combine with vitamin c and retinol skincare products – like our triple cell revival serum, vita-c sheet mask and retinol mask
  4. Always wear sunscreen