neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
neomatrix LED Face Mask
neomatrix LED Face Mask
neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
Neomatrix LED Face Mask
neomatrix LED Face Mask
neomatrix LED Face Mask

Neomatrix LED Face Mask

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Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Oily, Sensitive 
Fitzpatrick Scale/Skin Tone: Suitable for All
As featured in The Guardian

Professional Level: 690 LEDs - 230 Red, 230 Blue, 230 Near-Infrared

Wireless: The remote control feature is built into the mask

Safe: A non-invasive treatment - it is chemical-free, painless and totally safe

Versatile: Comes with 3 wavelengths in 3 treatment modes

Comfortable: Allows you to see through the mask so you can carry on with your daily activities while having a treatment

Award Winning: Our brand has won multiple awards for our LED Light technology and is used by professionals in salons, clinic and spas

Recommended for: Anyone wanting quicker results, severe skin concerns

NeoMatrix Skin Benefits

You can expect to see results within the first 2 weeks of use, from improved skin texture to a reductions in breakouts. For severe skin conditions please contact us to ensure this product is suitable for your expected results. 

  • Smoothen fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firm and Tone skin
  • Even skin tone
  • Improve texture
  • Improve moderate to severe breakouts/spot-prone skin
  • Prevent flare-ups
  • Calms severe redness and reduces inflammation 
  • Boost Collagen and repair
  • Reduce pigmentation

Treatment Modes

Mode 1: Red & Near-Infrared (630nm + 830nm)

Mode 2: Blue (415nm)

Mode 3: Purple (Red 630nm + Blue 415nm)

What's in the box?

1 Neo Matrix Mask

1 Display stand 

1 USB Cable

1 Instructions manual

1 Storage Case

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy has been thoroughly tested, evaluated and validated by hundreds of universities, scientific researchers and NASA. The Red, blue and Near-Infrared lights have been clinically proven to give certain skin benefits. Exposing light to the skin surface, activates the skins photoreceptors and lets the skin cells absorb its energy. It accelerates cell biochemical circulation and stimulates the production of collagen among other processes.

The LED Face Mask treatment works on the skin at the cellular level, targeting a variety of skin issues – acne, ageing and pigmentation. Transforming the skin from the inside out, rather than relying on skincare trying to work from the outside.

Red LED Light

Red light is beneficial for all skin types and has an anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. It has been proven to stimulate
the production of collagen and repair elastin, smooth skin texture, improve
skin laxity, increase circulation and lymph drainage and reduce the
appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and superficial hyper-pigmentation. It is also an excellent treatment for sufferers of sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue LED works to reduce bacteria in the skin by creating an oxygen rich environment, reducing the main acne causing bacteria can reduce the amount of breakouts, stabilise oil production and clear skin

Near Infrared Light Therapy

Near infrared is invisible to the naked eye, it is the deepest penetrating light and is able to target muscles and bone. It works to balance and stabilise free radical damage, thus protecting your skin from ageing and reducing sun damage.

  1. Cleanse your face and remove all eye make up
  2. Secure the mask on the face with the band around the head comfortably
  3. Swipe the forehead of the mask to switch on the device
  4. Select the mode of LED
  5. Use for 20 minutes every day for 20 days and then reduce the usage to twice a week


This device comes with a 1 year manufacturing warranty. Please note this does not cover damage or misuse of the product caused by the buyer also does not cover accessories.


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